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California Dreamin’-A Colin Kapernick Fanfic: The Best Has Just Arrived(Chapter Two)

Maritza’s POV

                My flight arrived in San Francisco about two and a half hours later. I was sleep most of the time and was woken up by the lady I was sitting next to. It didn’t take a long time for me to gather up my luggage on the belt.  With all the stuff I had I was sure they will loose it. But everything was together.

                I grabbed a soft pretzel with a side of cheese afterwards before going to the front desk and asking the woman did she know of any local cab services. My Nissan Titan was still in Dallas and will not be shipped here for another couple of days.

                When I walked up to the desk the woman behind the desk instantly put a smile on her face.

                “Hello there young lady how may I help you?” She asked.

                “Umm hi…I was just wondering if you know of any local cab services near by?” I asked.

                The woman started typing in the computer in front of her.

                “Are you visiting here?” She asked still looking at the screen.

                “No mam…I just moved here from Dallas.” I said with a smile taking a bite of my pretzel.

                “Mmmm a southern belle…..well missy what brings you to Cali?” She asked. She was now writing something down on a piece of paper.

                “Well I got a job offering to be a sports reporter for ESPN.” I replied.

                “A sports reporter for ESPN….now that’s impressive.” The woman said as she handed my the paper she wrote on. I opened to find a number on the inside that said “Golden Gate Taxi Services.”

                “That’s the nearest cab services near here…the pay isn’t to bad ten bucks for one ride and a buck per mile.” The lady said.

                I thanked her and walked away to sit on a bench to call a taxi. Surprisingly they did not take long to get here….thank god.

                When the taxi guy got here he took one look at all my luggage and began to laugh.

                “You must be on vacation ay.” He said in his thick Chinese accent. He popped the trunk of the cab and began to put a couple suitcases  in it.

                “Umm no sir I am actually moving here.” I said. I got in the car and the guy typed in my new address on his GPS. Luckily it was only ten minutes up the road so I only had to pay him like thirteen bucks for the ride.

                I had finally arrived at my new  home. The condo is super nice. Two bedroom, two bath, a nice sized kitchen with an electric stove, a big living room, and best of all I had beautiful view of the Golden Gate bridge.

                I took a deep breathe, taking in my new surroundings.  This is my new home now….time to start unpacking boxes. I started to walk over to them when my phone rang. It was my friend Sierra.

                “Hey girl.” I said holding the phone to my ear with my shoulder as I took a small box that said “kitchen appliance” on it.

                “So how was your plane ride?” She asked.

                “Ummm I slept the whole time….I don’t like planes Sierra you know that.” I said as I opened the box. Before I moved Michelle hooked me up with some new kitchen stuff for my place.

                “Well have you seen any guy you think are cute yet?” She asked. From the sound of her voice I can tell she was smiling.

                “Sierra I haven’t even been here a day and you are already asking about all that?” I said giggling a little.

                “It freaking California girl…..that’s my home state I know there is lots of hunky tanned man walking around there.” She said. Her voice sounded a little fuzzy though….I was receiving bad reception.

                I stepped outside and kept saying Sierra’s name in the phone. I could here on the other end going back and fourth saying my name and hello.

                I walked down the stairs of my condo hallway holding out my phone when I bumped into someone. Dropping my phone.

                “Dammit!” I said as I picked it up.

                “Oh I am sorry miss.” I heard a male voice say.

                I looked up my mouth dropped.

                “Holy dear mother of Jesus you’re Colin Kaepernick.” I said with my eyes widen.

                I am no 49ers fan, but I have to say Mr. Kaepernick is a handsome individual.

                He smiled down at me.

                “Yes indeed I am….And you are?” He asked looking at me up and down.

                I smiled.

                “Umm my names Maritza.” I replied.

                “Maritza….I like that.” He said.

                “Do you live here or something?” I asked.

                “Yeah…I do….wayy on the other side of the complex….I am just going for a run…gotta stay in shape for this new football season.”

                “So I have not seen you around here before….you must’ve just moved in.” He added crossing his arms.

                “Yeah I just came here from Texas…..Dallas to be exact….I moved here to be a new sports reporter for ESPN.” I said happily.

                Collin smiled.

                “So I am assuming you are one of those sports loving chicks or are you in it just to meet some hunky pro athlete?” He asked.

                I frowned with a small smile on my face.

                “Definitely a sports fanatic chick….I love football, basketball and baseball.” I replied.

                “Mostly football though.” I added.

                “Really….whose your team?” I asked.

                I pulled up my shirt to reveal my hip tattoo of Hello Kitty holding the Dallas Cowboys star.

                “Ohh Cowboys….America’s team we play them in our opening game this up coming season.” He said.

                “I know you do….I have the season’s schedule in my phone….that’s going to be my first time reporting on a game.” I said.

                Colin raised his eyebrows.

                “Well than I’ll be looking forward to seeing you.” He said with a smile. We had stood there for a few seconds gazing at one another when his phone ranged.

                “Hello?”He asked. There was someone on the other end yelling. I could here them bitching him out about something I assumed had to do with his football.

                “It’s my agent…..I gotta go.” He said looking back at me.

                “Nice meeting you Maritza.” He said walking backwards before taking off.

                I walked back upstairs to my apartment and instantly text Sierra and Whitney. Telling them how I just met Colin Kaepernick.

                They instantly called me on three way screaming.

                “Oh my god girl you WHAT?!” Whitney exclaimed.

                “Ya I can’t believe either…I would not expect his to be living here. I will think he lived somewhere in Malibu in a big huge house that cost more than all my bills put together.” I said.

                “Well how is he in person? I bet he is six times hotter in real life than he is on tv.” Sierra said.

                “Oh my god girl he is….those strong arms…and tats..I just….I can’t even..” I said daydreaming.

                Sierra and Whitney both laughed.

                “Well…guys I will call you guys later I got to start upacking all these boxes.” I said looking at the stack of boxes all over my living room.

                “Bye girl.” Sierra said.

                “Love you.” Whitney followed.

                “I love you guys too.” I replied.

                I hung up my phone and looked out my living room window at the Golden Gate bridge. What a nice way to start up my life in California. 

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